Someone said we needed a breezeway
	to bark down remnants of super storm Elias jugularly.
	Alas it wasn't my call.
	I didn't have a call or anything resembling one.
	You see I have always been a rather dull-spirited winch.
	The days go by and I go with them.
	A breeze falls from a nearby tower,
	finds no breezeway, goes away
	along a mission to supersize red shutters.
	Alas if that were only all.
	There's the children's belongings to be looked to
	if only one can find the direction needed
	and stuff like that.
	I said we were all homers not homos
	but my voice dwindled in the roar of Hurricane Edsel.
	We have to live out our precise experimentation.
	Otherwise there's no dying for anybody,
	no crisp rewards.
	Batman came out and clubbed me.
	He never did get along with my view of the universe
	except you know existential threads
	from the time of the peace beaters and more.
	He patted his dog Pastor Fido.
	There was still so much to be learned
	and even more to be researched.
	It was like a goodbye.  Why not accept it,
	anyhow?  The mission girls came through the woods
	in their special suitings.  It was all whipped cream and baklava.
	Is there a Batman somewhere, who notices us
	and promptly looks away, at a new catalog, say,
	or at another racing car expletive
	coming back at Him?