Special Thanks

John Ashbery (1927-2017) and David Kermani

for permission to use photographic materials, collages, readings, and excerpts from interviews (digitally recorded and edited by Karin Roffman 2009-2017)

The Poetry Foundation

for support of photography at the Hudson House in August, 2014

Yale Digital Humanities Lab and A. Whitney Griswold Funds

for support of the creation of the website, VR site and additional photography at the Hudson house 2016-2018

Film Contributors 

Pierre Alferi, for permission to include “Litany” (2002) in the second floor sitting room
Guy Maddin, for permission to include “How to Take a Bath” (2015) in the second floor bathroom
Open Road Media, for permission to include “The Poet: John Ashbery” (2014) in the first floor center hall

Audio Contributors

The following interviews are included in the site, in alphabetical order:
John Ashbery, James Bishop, Lynn Davis, Anne Dunn, Vito Giallo, Jacqueline Hélion, Alex Katz, David Kermani, Guy Maddin, Timothy O’Connor, Eugene Richie, Rosanne Wasserman, Dara Wier, Linda Williams, Trevor Winkfield

Tibor de Nagy Gallery

for providing high-definition scans of John Ashbery’s collages

Yale Media and Broadcasting Center

for video and audio editorial support for the opening “welcome”

Additional Thanks

Mark Allen, Andrew Arnot, Olivier Brossard, Eric Brown, Irwin Chen, Nancy Crampton, Beth Doty, Langdon Hammer, Elizabeth Hazan, Vincent Katz, Ann Lauterbach, Phil Matt, Micaela Morrissette, Ron Padgett, Archie Rand, Jennie Roffman, Bernard Schwartz, Emily Skillings, Anne Ortiz Talvaz, Helen Vendler, Francis Wishart