Butler's Pantry

This small, handsome and dimly lit passageway between the dining room and the kitchen provides an attractive space to drink and talk.  In fact, the combination of a collection of gin and wine bottles next to the pretty copper sink and the black rotary phone (with pen and pad) in the corner makes it possible to drink and talk at the same time, even if alone.

There is something both festive and melancholy about this room.  In the cabinets, colorful fiesta ware dishes show through the glass doors.  On the shelf below these, Ashbery displays his collection of eight daffy duck glasses (amassed over thirty years).

The images on the walls, all involving food or drink, however, tell a lonelier story: unknown men and women; a basket of peaches; Archie Rand’s “Bombay Gin”; Rudy Burckhardt’s “Jumbo Malted”; Joe Shannon’s portrait of art critic Walter Hopps holding a drink; and a Paris menu from the 1920s.