Cousin Sarah's Knitting

from Wakefulness (1998)

        You keep asking me that four times.
	Why trust me I think.
	There is, in fact, nobody here.
	Nobody in the past.
	Nobody to turn to for advice.
	A yellow flagpole rears thoughtfully.
	Now if you were that nice.
        He was pulled from space,
	as from a shark.  And they examined him
	they let him go.  What does that prove?
        And called him Old Hickory.
	As in hickory.  No there were
	at that time none living
        out of a sideshow at the edge of a forest
	and were mistreated in proportion,
	with understanding, so they all grew
        into the shade and for once it seemed
	about right.  Oh, call down to me.
	It seemed about right.
        Then there was something of a letdown.
	Patrol boats converged
	but it was decided that the…
        and could continue its voyage
	to the point where it tails off
        and then there was a large misunderstanding.
	It was misunderstanding, mudsliding
	from the side where the thing was let in.
        And it was all goose, let me tell you,
	braised goose.  From which a longing in the original
	loins came forward to mark you.
         So many brave skippers,
	such a long time at sea.  But I was going
	to remind you of this new story
        I can’t remember, of the two chums meeting in the overfed waste land and it supported them.  And one got
	off at the front.  The other wandered for days and daze, and by the time nobody remembered it it was summer again
	and wandered around defensively.  Sure the organ meat
	was punping and somebody’s boy came up to the correct
	thing at the well head.  Sure as you can claim Dixie your tax accountant
	wandered over the remaining riviera, all to be blue again.  And the rascals…
	and I was going to say keep it.  You can keep it.
	Granted she has no reputation, an eye
	here, another clovered savior here, they pretend to us, and it was time for the firemobile too.